Refutation of Coln | Todd’s Version in History of Rajputana

After shifting from Sindh to neighbouring state of Rajasthan by eighth century AD, Pushkarnas because of their higher intellect and capacity, commanded respect in these states. During British Rule in India Coln Todd wrote History of Rajputana unfortunately some envious persons gave wrong information to Coln Todd that Pushkarnas are Oads who excavated Pushkar lake. The Rajput Raja who got lake of Pushkar, excavated on its completion decided to feed one lac Brahmans. When the number could not be achieved Raja gave sacred thread (Janyo) to oads and converted them as Brahmans, who become Pushkarnas. This version of Coln Todd was immediately refuted by some Pushkarna Scholars that the Pushkar lake was excavated in the later half of 12th century Vikarmi, but Pushkarna Brahman was there in Jaisalmer in 8th century i-e 400 years before that. Once there was a quarrel between some Rajput boys with one charan boy and they (Rajputs) were annoyed and wanted to kill the charan boy. The Charan boy therefore ran to the nearby house of a Pushkarna Brahman and requested for shelter and protection. At that time a son of that Pushkarna Brahman by name Ratnu was taking meals. In order to save the Charan Boy from the attack of Rajput boys, the Pushkarna Brahman allowed the Charan boy to dine with his son in same dish. At that time none could even go near to Pushkarna Brahman when he was to take meals. To dine with him in one and same dish was just next to impossible Rajput boys came and demanded that Charan boy be handed over to them. The Pushkarna Brahman said there is no charan boy. The boy dinning with his son Ratnu is also his son, hence is dinning with his brother. The Charan boy was thus saved, but after that Pushkarna Ratnu with whom charan boy took meals was out-casted from Brahmans and termed as Charan. His descendents are known as Ratnu charan, which is much respected class of Charans, because of its origin being from Pushkarna Brahman. Pushkarna Brahman was available even four centuries before the excavating Pushkar Lake. How he could be considered to have originated from Oads of Pushkar Lake. On this point Mithalal Vyas of Jodhpurwrote a book known as “ Todd Sahib ki bhull ”to refute this version. More over Brahman Utpati martand also specifically mentions that Pushkarna Brahmans who were called as Sindh or Sindhwarni Brahmans did come to Shreemal Khetra at the time of Agar Puja of Gautam Rishi which is very ancient and that proves that Pushkarnas are even older than Shrimali Brahmans. Pushkarnas being settled on the banks of Indus river, where world’s oldest literature Vedas were compiled, were therefore very talented persons hence they claimed the honour of Agar Puja. Because of their Super knowledge and capability commanded respect gave way to jealousy among others with whose malafide intentions this wrong information was given to Coln Todd who made such unforgivable mistake in compilation of history of Rajasthan and connected the wrong story of lake excavation with the origin of Pushkarna Brahmans. Had the majority of Pushkarna Brahmans available at Pushkar and nearby to it, but it is not so. There are no Pushkarna Brahmans at Pushkar or around it.

Chetan Vasu

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